Introducing the Decode Australian Fund

The Decode Australian Fund (Decode FS Fund) is a wholesale managed investment with an expected annualized return of 6% to 8%. The fund is issued under Australian regulations with a minimum investment amount of $500,000 with subsequent investments of $100,000. The fund aims to provide investors with a regular income with monthly distributions through a one-time initial investment.

The Decode FS Fund’s underlying asset is secured notes. Strict Australian regulations are also protecting the fund as Decode has an AFS License 321497. The AFS License authorizes Decode to operate the Decode FS Fund.

Why Invest Today?

Benefits of Investing in Funds

Protection Against Inflation

As inflation is at an all-time high, the Decode Australian Fund earns *more than the inflation rate!

Protection Against Currency Depreciation

As the Australian Dollar continues to devalue, the Decode Australian Fund earns steadily over time!

Steady Return and New Market Opportunities

Receive **$3,300 every month, which amounts to $40,000 annually!

Revitalize your Real Estate Properties

Apply for a new mortgage through the Decode Group to be able to invest, AND still get the rental income!

Risk Reduction

The Decode FS is a diversified fund!

Family Tradition and Inheritance Planning

High net-worth families use Funds as their "Secret Keys to Inheritance".

The Decode Advantage

Why invest in the Decode Australian Fund

Steady Annual Return
6% - 8% Expected Return
Flexible Investment Amount
Starting at $500,000
High Investment Liquidity
1 - 3 Years
Regular Distribution
Recieve Earnings Monthly
Secured Underlying Asset
ASIC Regulated
Investments are in Trust Accounts
Elite Management Team
2 Decades of Experience
Exceptional Due Diligence
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About the Decode Group

The Decode Group is a diversified financial services organization with 18 years of industry experience. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Decode has more than 20 offices worldwide, covering thousands of clients.

Decode FS Fund Pty Ltd (AR number 1274820) is a corporate authorized representative of Decode Funding Ltd ACN 126 975 282, AFS Licence 320497 (Decode Funding) which authorizes Decode to provide the financial services which are associated with operating the Fund.

Wealth management products are provided by the Group to high-net-worth families and individual investors. Decode's fund management team is comprised of international and local financial service experts with outstanding backgrounds, all from areas that are critical to wealth management, finance, law, legal affairs, taxation, and government.


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Decode FS Fund
AR Number 1274820
AFS Licence 320497

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